Special and Holiday

A Christmas Story 2012 ®

StuyTown_Xmas_treeFour strangers never meet but change each other’s days for the better. See how one act of random kindness can help someone in unseen ways and spread Christmas cheer.



A Christmas Story 2013®

With a son away in the military and a wife on the brink of divorce, audi-a8-black-car-snow-winter-picsWilliam Howard is overwhelmed with grief at the thought of another lonely Christmas this year. Will he let that keep him from having a merry Christmas, and can he overcome his feelings to spread joy for the holidays like he did last year?

A Christmas Story 2014 ®

MarchSnow002When a man on a trip with an important delivery sees an unfortunate turn of events, he meets someone who helps to turn his night around. What is his destination though? And why is the delivery important?


A six-year-old boy has a christmas-market-579083_1920chance encounter with another family while out Christmas shopping with his parents. When he sees that the family’s holiday experience won’t be as merry as his, it leaves little Sam Coffey with questions that lead to a Christmas very different than what both families are used to.



A building made of wood, shingles, and carpet isn’t often thought to have the Spirit of Christmas, but the house two lots down from Walnut and Jefferson tells us a different story.

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