About the Author

Shawn is a father to two beautiful children and husband to a great wife and loving mother. His family lives in Southern Missouri with their close relatives. He has always had an interest in writing fictional tales. He has written material since the early 2000’s in  high school in a variety of genres. Shawn has written novels and comic books in fantasy style as well as traditional style superheroes. Since he hasn’t had a way to make his material available to the public, he created this blog to express his creativity. His hope with this page is to give readers a glimpse into the character’s lives through individual instances in short story form. Please enjoy these short stories and feel free to leave suggestions and feedback.

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Questions, suggestions, if you want to use one of my pieces, or would like to request that I write new material for your event or publication email me: shawnwritesthings@gmail.com

I don’t limit myself to short stories. If you would like to work with me creatively in other aspects, make me an offer. I prefer to write fiction and I would like to possibly work on a comic in the future.

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I write short stories that will take you on an adventure during your lunch break at work for FREE!

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