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About Shawn Bain

Shawn is a father to two beautiful children and husband to a great wife and loving mother. His family lives in a small town outside of Springfield Missouri with their close relatives.

He started his writing journey in high school. A teacher gave him an assignment for he and his friends to write a story together by completing one paragraph apiece. Something sparked in him. He started a fantasy story that he found himself writing on every time he had free time in class. Something unexpected happened though. People read his story and liked it! Soon a small following of people would check in with him to read what he had added to his story every time they had class with him. As he got out of high school he let that passion sizzle out, but he decided to reignite it by creating this page. His hope with this page is to give readers and new followers a glimpse into the character’s lives through individual instances in short story form. 

Since he has begun writing, Shawn has transitioned into writing in other forms as well. He has added superhero stories, poetry, non-fiction, Christian, and magazine/blog style articles to his portfolio. His first publication was in a convention booklet published for the Furry Convention F3 Con in 2012. In 2014, Shawn began writing for a Christian pop culture website, Geeks Under Grace. He has written news articles, Christian living articles, and articles that compare characters and stories in geek culture to things of the faith with thousands of views. He looks to add more short story and article publications to this list as time goes on.

Please enjoy these short stories and feel free to leave suggestions and feedback at the bottom of the writing’s pages.