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Elqanah is a magic land that I created for my fantasy characters. The world’s history is split up into two eras. The first 4,000 years are before the coming of Elqanah’s Savior. It is a time of political separation between the elves and the humans. Laws are harsh to keep morality in check. The second era is after the promised Savior comes to Elqanah to save the world from evil. It is a time of partial companionship of all the peoples. While there is no open war, the factions of beings do have some difficulties getting along.

1st Era

There is a dangerous war going on between the humanistic elves and the religious humans.

King Orthorien leads his elven people from the capital of Lostariel. He is a just king with regal leadership, but isn’t afraid to sacrifice a life for the greater good of his people. The elves practice the art of KemenGûl which strengthens their magic. They use what they learn from the earth to explain their origins and heritage. With Bellrauthien as the general of their army, they have a formidable force on the battlefield.

The humans are led by King Aryeh from the capital of Kevod. He is a good king but he is easy to anger and very prideful. The king’s guard has become legend as the best military force Elqanah has ever seen. Mordecai is the captain of the king’s guard and is known for his unshakable faith and sense of justice. He is the first to defend the helpless and he passes this morality on to his son, Ananias. With fierce strength and loyalty Ananias is becoming known as one of the greatest warriors in the human army.

The humans seek help from the Divine and can easily get caught up in the legalism of their religion. Their view of origins and morality come from ancient scrolls and texts passed down through the generations. The disparity in opinions between the humans and elves has divided them and kept them on the precipice of war.

The humans believe that the Hero will come and set them up as the race above all others. The elves believe their advancement in studies of KemenGûl will make them superior and afford them longer life than their enemies. Both sides can’t be right. Who will survive the other? Or will war be avoided and peace settle in Elqanah?

2nd Era

The old ways of magic have passed and a new magic has emerged. This is the Age of the Gemkith.

Discovered many years after the turning of the era, Gem Magic has given its user more powerful and less costly magic. Resources and wealth are easily provided by the magic, which has created a time of relative peace (in terms of warfare) between the tribes and races of Elqanah.

The surviving religion of the first era has splintered into various human tribes, with some amalgamating it with their own philosophies and some abandoning it altogether. Some tribes have become so averse to the Old Faith that they outright chastise believers or kill them for spreading it.

With tensions between races proliferating throughout the world, people are typically relegated to remaining with their kinds – willingly or not. Can the prosperity bring the tribes together, or is human nature darker than they want to admit?