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Ephraim: A Test of Aptitude®

Cave entrance

An apprentice mage goes on his first quest with his teacher to retrieve a very valuable stone. He battles magical imps and gypsies on an exciting journey that takes him through a cave and into an open battlefield of magic!

Ephraim: The Temple’s Dark Secret®

nabataean-temple-al-deir-500An instructor mage takes his apprentice on a quest to collect a precious gem from a temple that is known to be treacherous. What they find inside the temple is far from what they expect. It is much worse!

Ephraim: The Afflicted Tome®

open_book_2-wallpaper-1920x1080Two mages acquire a tome inside a city where the residents kill people that have the book they have claimed. They have to use all of their skill and power if they want to escape the city alive.