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Tales about elves, knights, and mythical creatures


Aeremar: Two Hunters, One Prey ®

Elven Archer, Aeremar, Prince of the Elven Capital, Lostariel, is completing a test to advance to a higher rank in the ranger militia. What he and his trainer find in the Elven Wood will make this task a much harder challenge, and will even threaten their lives.

Remy: Night of the Breakout ®

A frisky young fox and wpid-red_fox.jpghis friends hatch a plan to escape from the zoo in which they reside. Can they escape, or will their plan fall flat? (Featured in F3 Furry Convention 2012 Conbook)

Ananias: One Man’s Worth®

A knight’s morals are tested when he returns to his hometown after a long tour in the war. His resolve and quick reactions to wrong being done to the helpless leads him to do something surprising.


Tanna: A Chance Meeting ®

A young female elf tends to her garden outside of her beautiful city of Nithpantiel. A chance encounter with a handsome elf leads to an interesting conversation that takes her out of her comfort zone.

Tanna: A Date with Opportunity ®

forest-trees-waterfallBeinion takes Tanna on a date to a beautifully serene location. She knows they are in love and this isn’t their first date, but she couldn’t be prepared for what he has in mind when he brings her there.

Ephraim: A Test of Aptitude®

Cave entrance

An apprentice mage goes on his first quest with his teacher to retrieve a very valuable stone. He battles magical imps an gypsies on an exciting journey that takes him through a cave and into an open battlefield of magic!


Ephraim: The Temple’s Dark Secret ®

An instructor mage takes his nabataean-temple-al-deir-500apprentice on a quest to collect a precious gem from a temple that is known to be treacherous. What they find inside the temple is far from what they expect. It is much worse!

Ephraim: The Afflicted Tome ®

open_book_2-wallpaper-1920x1080Two mages acquire a tome inside a city where the residents kill people simply for having possession of that book. They have to use all of their skill and power if they want to escape the city alive.

Cade: The Dragon’s Thief  – A D&D Origin Story ®

 cade-shorterA mischievous raccoon-man is given telepathic powers and enslaved to steal valuables at his master’s bidding. The thief gets more than he’s bargained for when he steals from the wrong person, though.

Tik: The Heroes are Born – A Zelda Fan Fic ®

The Triforce is threatenedspring-forest-sun-rays-morning once more, and Hylia has summoned the aid of her Light Wizzrobe, Tik. On his quest to find the heroes he must join to save Hyrule, though, Tik meets an odd creature that creates a challenge in answering his call.

Gunari: The Tundra Beatdown ®

Gunari, a wandering gypsy fighter, has traversed the treacherous frozen wasteland in search of a challenging combatant to hone his skills, prove his worth, and put some coin in his empty pockets. The Viking nation produces the strongest fighters. Maybe even a little too strong for a wandering gypsy.

Fenril Valentine: A Bounty of Regret ®

Hunting vampires is lucrative work but too dangerous for many. That leaves a healthy helping of work for the talented Fenril Valentine. But when he hunts the wrong clan, he puts everything he loves in danger.

Shozar: A Position of Prestige – A D&D Origin Story ®

The Vokrii are the ancient protectors of the mighty sleeping dragon, Vokraxx. When a scholar of the dragon’s ancient knowledge has an encounter with the beast, leaving him with a mysterious disease, his life is sent on an rapid path to forming his legacy.

Kirrin: The Pact of the Blade ®

Kirrin is a Belledair, a royal family with waning influence. He must do something to shift the tide, but as a failed mage and warrior his options are limited. To save his family name, Kirrin is forced to turn to drastic measures.

Advent of Elven Autumn ®

Lostariel, the elven capital, has a secret. The trees of the forests that surround the kingdom always have the most beautiful, vibrant colors, much to amazement of the other races. To explore this mystery, we have to visit the realms of the spirits.