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Tik – The Heroes are Born® – A Zelda Fan Fic

“Tikkonetitarius, wake up. It’s time again to save the world.” The beautiful, female voice carried almost as if being sung. “Hyrule needs your help again. You must join the heroes meeting in Kakariko Village.”

A bright light dimmed and Tikkonetitarius could see again. The Light Wizzrobe’s large, yellow eyes blinked from beneath his large-brimmed wizard hat as he sat up and looked at his surroundings. It’d been years since he had seen the world, and everything felt like the first experience again. Though somewhere deep down, all things still felt as though they were presently as they once were before. He looked down as he ran his hand across the soft forest floor.

Grass, Tikkonetitarius thought. Light broke through the treetops in soft rays and wisps floated around him as he rubbed the spot beneath his eyes where his nose would be (Light Wizzrobes, being magical beings, had no features to their pure black faces), sniffed his glove, and looked upward. Sky. As the Cleric stood, the bottom of his oversized robes fell to the soft forest floor. He dusted them off and looked around once more. Trees. Birds. Music?

The Light Wizzrobe took up his staff and began following the sound. He ducked his head under a log and came out into a meadow where a small figure danced about on a stump, it’s body facing the other way and beautiful music coming from the flute pressed to its lips. Tikkonetitarius drew closer cautiously, not wanting to disturb the young child, but needing to understand… remember… what the creature was and why it was carrying on so.

A few steps from the log, though, Tikkonetitarius stepped on a twig, and the small creature looked over its shoulder at him. It too had yellow eyes with a beak and wooden features to its face. Before the Light Wizzrobe could get a better look, it vanished.

“Why are you following me?” a voice with the sound of a young child echoed in the meadow.

“Not following. Just looking.” Tikkonetitarius responded as he looked about, a magical energy carried on his voice.

“Are you looking for a friend?”

Tikkonetitarius nodded. “Friends are good.”

Chirps and woodland sounds echoed about him and leaves carried on the soft Spring breeze as the Light Wizzrobe waited patiently for a response. Suddenly leaves began whirling about another nearby stump and the small creature reappeared, this time donning a mask in the shape of a skull. An ominous look, but Tikkonetitarius was more intrigued than frightened.

“I love friends,” it replied. “I am Neci.”

“Oh yes. Neci is a Skull Kid. Tikkonetitarius is my name.”

The skull kid cocked his head to the side. “That’s a long name. I’ll call you Tik.”

“Tik… Tik likes this name.”

“Do you want to play a game, Tik?”

“Oh no time for games. Tik must go to Kakariko Village to meet the Heroes.”

“There’s always time for games. Catch me if you can!” The skull kid’s voice trailed off as he disappeared once again.

Tik scratched his head before shrugging and making his way back through the forest. He didn’t want to leave his new friend alone, but he had been summoned to do a very specific job. And he couldn’t be late to meet the heroes. As he walked through the forest, though, he began to notice that every path he took brought him back to the stump where Neci had been playing his flute. After a few attempts to leave the woods, he finally stopped and looked around trying to discern which way he had and hadn’t been.

“You aren’t trying to leave before our game is over, are you? I told you there is always time for games. Come find me!”

Tik listened closely and determined where the voice was coming from. He understood now that the skull kid had enchanted the forest, his memory of the woodland race coming back to him, and that he would have to find him to leave. Skull kids were known for their persistence.

The Light Wizzrobe rushed in the direction that he heard the voice and the bottoms of his eyes lifted as he grinned when he heard frantic footsteps heading away from him. Suddenly he heard a thump and a yelp before the skull kid came back into visibility. His mask skipped across the forest floor.

“Ow! You made me trip!” Neci said holding his shin.

Tik felt terrible. He didn’t mean to hurt his new friend. The Cleric walked over with a sympathetic look in his eyes and put his hand on the small abrasion on Neci’s leg. A light shone from underneath his glove and when he pulled his hand away, the cut was gone.

“You healed me. Thank you, Tik.”

“Neci is welcome. Tik won the game, so Tik must be going now.”

The skull kid frowned with a look of acceptance. “Well, okay. But you have to take a gift to remember me and all the fun we had.” Neci stood and spun in a circle before vanishing in another rush of wind. He left behind a small jar with a blue fire dancing about inside. When Tik picked up the jar, the flame began moving in a soothing and measured pattern.

“It likes you, Tik. You’re a good person. Have fun on your adventure!”

The bottom of Tik’s eyes raised in a smile for a moment, but then he realized that he was still unsure of which way to go. Flickering light from the bottle caught his attention as the flame began to dance more erratically. Once his focus was on the object, it pressed against the side of the glass toward a path through the trees. For reasons unknown to him, Tik knew that the flame was showing him the way out of the forest.

After following the flame’s directions for a few short moments, Tik was in Hyrule Field. The Light Wizzrobe was relieved to have made it out of the forest so quickly and happy to have made a friend. He pulled the trinket into his robes and looked around for something to indicate civilization.

Strangely, everything seemed familiar to Tik. The roads, the trees, and even the rocks. Some things had obviously changed with time; the tree beside the boulder had decayed with age, the road had been freshly covered with gravel. After glancing about for a bit, though, he knew where to go.

“Tik is close to Kakariko, and close to Heroes.”

The trip to the village was short and peaceful. Tik used the time to conjure up old memories of times when he had helped the Hero of Time in the past. His favorite memory hung most dearly in his mind. The time was from his last incarnation when the Hero was flanked by two powerful foes and Tik used his magic to command the Darknut that was about to attack him from behind to drop its weapon. The Hero was saved and the Triforce secured once more.

The Light Wizzrobe sighed happily. Soon he was standing at the gateway to the village. He took a deep breath as he looked at the sign overhead before he entered. Tikkonetitarius was beginning the journey to fulfill his purpose once again. And this filled him with joy.